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Creating work spaces for the future

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G3 workspaces for the future Project

Fernanda Orviz, Aaron Jude Pereira, Weihao Yin, Changqai
Qi, Vaibhav Toshniwa

Carmelo zappulla, Sebastian Amorelli

Barcelona, Spain

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia


Art Direction
Description: G3 workspaces for the future Project  Architect: Arq. Fernanda Orviz

The speculative concept suggests that the site for Nova Bocana would be redesigned as a workspace for and more specifically NFT based
industries. Here freelancers and small organisations are welcomed to engage
with foundation for a marketplace taking place in the metaverse. This establishes one among many future economies that will exist for artists, architects
and more. Whilst simultaneously straying away from traditional practise, the
space has been configured with the idea that new phsyical architecture would
be essential for these creators to produce.
Establishing micro systems amplified with smart capabilites to suit users requirements unfolds a self emmerging membrane that takes shape of a dome
to provide a 360 enviroment ready to be used for immersive environments.
The overall system has been implanted with the consideration that these systems are able to pick up trends and use self learning to be more adaptive and
have a more profound sense of being able to connect with its users through
forward neurotechnology

Design process Design process


Operating Diagram

NFT Timeline

User research

Site plan

Working space Definition


Architectural plan

A day working in the future

Space Iterations -Timeline

Furniture functionality

Desk timeline




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